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Got rid of the matchlight.
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I am new to this forum, in my third year of minimalist BBQ with a brinkman 2 door vertical. My observations: the smoker works fine in good weather, but becomes almost useless when it is cold and windy. I suspect this is because the firebox is capable of raising the temp maybe 150 degrees, on a 70 temp day 70+150 = 220, but on a 35 degree day 35+150 = 185. Then there is wind chill, which drops the top temp even more.

When all goes well, a good load of briquettes will burn about 6 hours at about 180-220. The usual heat arc is for the temp to go up in the first hour to about 240 then drop down to around 180-200 for a long time.

I have sealed the doors with stove gasket material, and of course drilled holes in the fire pan. I am going to replace the fire pan with a bigger one, since I just bought a $13 walmart grill for parts.

I also have a bullet smoker that is about 20 years old, made in America, stored outdoors, and no rust - but have not used it in years.

I favor brining, applewood, my standard base rub is black pepper and the cheapest mustard.

All comments and suggestions will be welcomed
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