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Originally Posted by linhardt View Post
thanks Jorge, KC_bobby, and rweller. That is good info and I understand and respect your points and comments. Maybe my question seemed like all I wanted was the leftovers. I apologize for that as it was not my intention. But I could not just sit there and left anyone tell me to focus on judging when that is what I do at every event. My interpretation of what was said was a hit at my judging ability and that I'm only in it for the leftovers. And apologize if interpreted incorrectly. I know that this has been an issue in the past forum discussion and is somewhat of a touchy subject, but it was not my intent either to bring it up again to debate the cooler issue.
I don't think Jeff was questioning you as an individual. It's a topic that comes up frequently and one that he has some strong opinions, based on his experience, about. Stop by to see him at the Royal and I bet you'll walk away with a completely different perception.
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