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Originally Posted by linhardt View Post
Who ever said I was not going to focus on judging? I take my judging seriously!! You tell me that I am not a good judge?? Can't focus on judging prior to arriving anyway, right? Can only focus on it when it is presented to me for judging.

About 80 - 90% of certified judges that I have witnessed in all the KCBS sanctioned events I attended brought coolers. I did not the first few times, but thought why not, its not against the rules. Some may frown upon it and some do not, but unless the event does not allow it, then whats the harm?

Are you telling me that at those events, the judges that brought coolers did not take the judging seriously compared to the ones that did not? What does bringing a cooler have to do with people not focusing on judging?

I love BBQ in both the eating and cooking aspect of it, and is the reason that I got certified as a judge. I wanted to learn all I can so that I can try to produce the best BBQ that I can. Whats the harm in bringing home the little bit that is left over from what I have on my judging plate?

I know I can go by the pits and get lots of free samples. I dont care about that, Im not in it to just get free food. Just asking a simple question for some information prior to me entering the gate. Nothing to do with how I judge or my ability to judge.

But then again may be you are the BBQ god that creates the BBQ contest rules that all should follow and obey.
Jeff's point is that there ARE judges that will nibble at their sample to load up to take food home. His concern is that SOME judges will NOT sample enough of a given entry to give the cook a fair score.

HIS suggestion, is that judges can come get all they want after they are done judging, to maintain the fairness and integrity of the judging.

I think he's right. It gives cooks the fair shot they deserve, and it gives judges the chance to take home some great BBQ. If your interest is to learn about BBQ I can't see a better option, than being able to spend a few minutes actually talking to the cook that prepared the food you can take home.
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