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New to the forum.

Anyway, my dad used to do quite a bit of smoked foods in his Little Chief smoker, which I dug out of his shed recently. I tried some Vermont Cabot cheddar tuesday night, the first thing that I have ever smoked. I didn't have much faith in myself for a first try but it came out pretty good. I had to leave it in there for about an hour, I think the heater needs to be replaced.

I am wondering what other kinds of cheese are good smoked.

I think I need to do some research before I try to smoke meat.

Thanks for any help.
Most non-blue cheeses smoke well in my experience, obviously soft cheeses can benefit from some support if placed on bars or a grill (if they came in a box just remove the top and sides). One tip I would suggest is to cling film the cheese immediately after smoking and leave in the fridge for a day or two, this seems to allow the smoke flavour to permeate and mellow. The cheese is quite edible straight away but the smoke can be a little harsh and concentrated to the outside, it generally tastes much better after a couple of days.
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