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Found some matches.
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I just picked up an unlined reconditioned drum from this place:

$40 with a removeable top w/bungs, and the clamp that secures the top. They are located in Hayward, Ca. I believe they will ship as well. It may be worth a call to find out, or ask if they are aware of a similar supplier near you. For me, it was worth the extra $20 to buy one unlined due to the same concerns... and not having the local FD show up due to the fire in the back yard - good luck!

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Thanks very much to everyone here for a GREAT thread. I first discovered it about 9 months ago and have read it and reread it periodically since. I've been looking for an unlined drum for months with no luck.

I have been able to find a couple of 'food grade' drums with the infamous red-brown liner. There seems to be some disagreement about these liners on this thread. Some here seem to think that it's fine to just burn them out while others say that these liners are caustic when burned. I have a weed burner, so I'm confident I can get it burned out relatively easily if that's the direction I go.

I have a newborn son in my house and really don't want to do anything that could damage the air that we breath. Is there consensus one way or the other on these? Could burning the liners off have potentially bad consequences? Does anyone know of anybody who has had a bad experience in burning these liners off? If so, I'll scrap the barrels I have and continue the search.

Thanks again for this thread. Reading it has become my new hobby and I am really impressed with all of your builds. I can't wait to get mine built, but I want to do it in the safest way possible.
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