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Default Brisket on an OTS

Heres one for you guys that I have never seen before

I have a 11 lb packer that I am going to cook this weekend.

Normally, I would just cook it on my offset. But it will be occupied

I have a small vertical that will do the job. I was thinking about wrapping a beer can in foil and arching the briskey on it so it would fit. It has a pit controller on it and will run forever with no issies

Still may do that.

I hooked up the controller to my 22.5 OTS and it works fine. I am thinking of using it instead because of the real estate I can just lay the meat on the grill as usual

I had the bright idea of just taking my coal pan out of my small vertical and putting it into the OTS after removing the coal grate on the OTS

this actually works really well, and I know that it will have enough capacity to burn through the whole cook (see pic)

which brings me to my question.

My concern is that the briskey will be real close to the coals. I could slide a foil pan under it but it will be roasting hot, I dont know if that a good idea or not.

what so you all think? I am thinking of just using the small vertical with the beer can wrapped in foil, the meat will shrink down some anyway

Please dont tell me to put it on my offset. Aint happening

the other reason I want to use this is I need to leave it unattended for a few hours so the offset wont work for that

I know there is the snake method etc, but I want to try this

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