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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
Someone suggested a thread where we post our worst turn-in box ever so I'll get it started. This was my very first turn-in at the American Royal in 2005. Seems I pretty much ignored all the stuff I learned here leading up to that contest. This is utterly HORRIBLE! I've progressed a small bit since then.

alittle over done

Originally Posted by goodsmokebbq View Post
Great thread! OK here we go, first comp...

Ohhh yeahhh
i dont think you could bite through those

Originally Posted by Brew-B-Q View Post
I can so dominate this thread. Here are pics from my first competition, where I obviously had no clue. I think everything tasted as bad as it looked.

Looking at what we do now, which still needs work, makes me wonder how drunk I really was that day.
looks a little dry

Originally Posted by KC_Bobby View Post
Only one?

OK Joes 2007, our first comp - Looks like we tried our hardest to hide it.

2007 Ankeny Ducks Unlimited - 4 slices ... slices of something

2007 American Royal - 411th place!
those did need work

Originally Posted by Paola Greg View Post
This is a brisket practice box I did in January, 2005,,(after my first 2 contests in the fall of 2004),,,,,,

I remember at the time I thought I had done quite well,,,,,,
i give it a 5 - being kind

Originally Posted by Bentley View Post
As I recall, this was so overcooked I was happy just to get 6 pieces in the box! And this was not that long ago.

I think it is hillarious what some of you think bad is...It is better than the stuff I turn in now!
i am sure you have done better

Originally Posted by Sledneck View Post
From my first comp. The chix box below was my first 13th place chicken
those chix are dead

Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
I would of thought that brisket box was a pork box...

Thank goodness I use a FE-100. It turns out perfect food every single time... I've never had a bad box...
sounds like you are saying its the cooker not the cook - lol

Originally Posted by Captain Caveman View Post
HMMMMM, maybe if I shine it up they won't notice how over cooked it is.....
how did they taste?

Originally Posted by TOPS BBQ View Post
Here's NOT a first, but a definite no no:

It's farking untrimmed AND upside down!
i bet it taste good fat and all

Originally Posted by Captain Caveman View Post
Hands down, the worst ever. Ashamed to post it mod:
Hell, it looks a little like pot roast.....but it's pork.
how did it score

Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
These were my first boxes during a practice run at home under contest timing the week prior to my first contest a few years back. Pics were actually taken approx 15 minutes after each turn in time so we could see what it looked like after it sat a while.

Boy.. I've learned a lot since then !!
is it brisket?

Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
I'm sure I have worse, but here goes. From North KC 2007.
looks like it would have scored well on taste

Originally Posted by DeanC View Post
Finally, a thread where I can compete with the pictures. This is a hot azz mess of a brisket box, I think it was from Butler 2006. I am pretty sure I was trying to bury the brisket in the lettuce.
could be neater

Originally Posted by Sledneck View Post
And of course lets not forget about fishsticks!
fish sticks my all time favorite

Originally Posted by Buster Dog BBQ View Post
First brisket turn in.
needs more meat in that box

Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
Ask and you shall receive !!!

Aside from the rack dropping fiasco , this box was also very lousy in that it was the first time ans only time I cooked thighs in competition.

Even worse when you rely on the 13th place chicken king to do your trimming. We ended up torching the few remaining ones that would not get anyone sick on a Kettle to make up for lost time. Skin shriveled up quickly.

This is a really chitty box... but the good news was that four other boxes placed worse than this one (68th of 72)
and those were the best you had to pick from to make your box?

Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
nuff said .... yuk..

but it was our first contest and it took 5th. The parsley in the middle covered a huge hole in the brisket.
looks like something i would like to eat - bet it taste good

Originally Posted by CajunSmoker View Post
I love this, cause I can make some ugly boxes

First brisket box, IBCA contest in Darbonne, La last year. Had to cut off the side cause I used a colored toothpick and turned the meat blue, and it was just a trainwreck of a brisket anyway Should have been DQ'd.

and here's an ugly pork box from Memphis this year. Looked good to me at the time

why the foil in the box?

Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
Here is a pic of my rib box at my first comp last year (IBCA)

ribs look dry

Originally Posted by The Pickled Pig View Post
Thankfully, we didn't take pics of our entries for the first 4 years else these wouldn't qualify as our worst.
what did you put on your brisket that turned it red like that?

Originally Posted by The Pickled Pig View Post
Thankfully, we didn't take pics of our entries for the first 4 years else these wouldn't qualify as our worst.
what part of the chicken was that and how did you get the pork red like that

Originally Posted by cmcadams View Post
I only wish I could add several of the boxes I saw as a judge last weekend... some horrendous boxes in ribs and brisket especially!

For this one, we actually got all 9's in appearance, and Ribberfest in 2005... Those judges were blind!

There's more, but I must stop!
did you cover that chicken in chocolate

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