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Default first attempt at uds

ok after reading several different threads and seeing different pics im building my uds with different ideas taken from different places as well as my own. pics will be included.

ok here is my list of items.

55 gallon drum burned out 3 times and the inside grinded out.
4 - 5 inch 3/4 black pipe nipples
4 - 4 inch 3/4 black pipe nipples ( nipples free from jobsite the pipe fitters )
1 - 22 1/2 inch uniflame weber knockoff bbq grill from walmart ( used the grate for cooking and the smaller grate to sit under the charcoal basket and the lid for the top of the uds had to bend the lip of the lid to fit )
2 - 3/4 inch ball valves ( free from jobsite pipe fitters )
2 - 3/4 inch nipple caps
2 - spring handle replacement parts from
2 - packs of jb weld
2 - cans of high temp paint on silver one black ( raiders )

ok i burned out the barrel drilled 4 1 inch holes 2 inched from the bottom of the barrel, threaded in the 5 inch nipples for the ball valves and caps. now the smaller grate can sit on top of the nipples on the inside of the barrel 2 inches of the bottom, on top of the grate goes my charcol basket. i drilled 4 holes 6 inches from the top of the barrel for the grate and 4 holes 8 inches from the bottom of the first holes. ok here is the experimental part the second set of holes are for a FLAME SHIELD/HEAT DIFFUSER i cut out a 22 inch round piece of 16 gauge sheet metal drilled 4 1 inch holes and threaded the 4 inch nipples into it. and put a handle in the center. now if that dosent work i will put a second grate there. the first grate sits 26 inches above the bottom of the charcoal basket and the FLAME SHIELD/HEAT DIFFUSER sits 18 inches above the bottom of the charcoal basket. ok for the lid i used a 22 1/2 inch uniflame bbq for parts 30 dollars walmart. i had to bend the lip of the lid out no big deal now it sits flush on the barrel, i use the ring from the original lid and it goes right around the barrel and uniflame lid to keep it tight on the barrel, i cut out the original vent on the uniflame lid and made it 4 inches stuck a piece of 4 inch x 24 inch aluminum seal lock tube. with the rigid side in i cut 1 inch slits all around it and bent those ends up and jb welded the out side to seal it. then i made a top piece out of sheet metal. i just keep coming up with ideas and i dont want to stop modifying it oh well let me know what you guys think thanks.
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