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Originally Posted by frognot View Post
Not sure how to cook a flat by itself. Always do packers but you don't want to hear what we can buy them for here. My nephew from Jackson, TN always takes a couple back with him after coming here.

Honestly, you cook a flat the same way you cook a full brisket. Basically, on a packer, once seasoned and into the smoker, you basically ignore the point. Brisket is "done" when the thickest part of the flat probes tender.

Main reason for this is that the point basically has a completely different composition. The grain structure of the muscle is looser and it has much better marbling. Usually, it will be "done" before the flat is, but it can take more heat/time without being negatively affected. SO, even though "done", you can leave it in until the flat probes tender and pull the whole thing. Going even further, once the flat is tender, you can pull the entire brisket, separate off the point, cube it up, toss in sauce and then put the meat back in the smoker to cook for even longer!

So, if it's flat only, just season it, stick it in the smoker and cook it.
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