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Originally Posted by Smoker34 View Post
Well it seems some here have gotten offended and angry by my question, which is a legitimate question for me because I've NEVER seen anyone grilling and hanging out in a hammock in front of his/her house. Anger and offense over this speaks volumes about those who are angry and offended and calls into question their own self-analysis. The anger and offense only applies to a few of the posters here; most were cordial and answered the question with good facts and opinions. Nonetheless, although I don't understand the whole issue, I apologize to anyone who felt offended.
The fact that you don't get that people aren't offended/angered, but poking obvious fun at a hilariously crazy post that had "hidden implications", speaks volumes about you, lol.

There's no issue here dude. So just like you don't get how people could possibly cook in their front yard (akin to never having seen Loch Ness or Big Foot).......I also am gathering you don't get sarcasm/most humor in general . You are literally the only one here who this concept is 100% foreign to which again speaks to your actual original intent..........but sure.......keep projecting with your "EVERYONE IS WRONG AND CLEARLY OFFENDED AND I AM THE CALM AND COLLECTED ONE, BUT THE ACTUAL ONLY ONE STIRRING THE POT AND IF I SAY PEOPLE ARE GETTING OFFENDED AND UPSET I WIN" that is the oldest trick in the "internet arguement" book. It's like the older sibling being an ass saying "stop being so mad", when in fact no one is are just trying to make people made........again because that was your intent.

You clearly don't get it or else you wouldn't keep "coming back to the well" when you swear you are going away . You're the one taking this too seriously

Originally Posted by Smoker34 View Post
I know and love people from all socioeconomic levels, and I’ve never seen any of them doing this. So I’ll just have to assume it’s a regional cultural thing. Have a nice weekend.
The fact that you had to come back and clarify with this statement is also hilarious
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