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I currently cook in my backyard, and prefer it that way for two reasons: 1) privacy, and 2) my current offset is like 500+ lbs and therefore ain't moving so much as an inch anytime soon unless someone wants to pay for me to get hernia surgery.

BUT, when I lived in a townhome complex, due to HOA restrictions, no open fires were allowed out front, on the (covered) porches, or underneath the carports. My solution was to drag my little cheapo offset out to just past the carport awning, and then sit underneath the carport in a lawn chair. I would often have parties under there. A bunch of us sitting around drinking beer, listening to music (at a respectable volume, and nothing with profanity in it), and 'cueing it up. As it happens, the carport common area was where 99% of the residents came and went, and was basically the defacto "front yard" for us. So in a sense, I was "that neighbor", bringing some much needed flavor and character to the neighborhood. To provide some background, I had lived in that complex for the better part of 15 years, knew all of the residents personally (most of who were elderly folk who were all at least 40-50 years older than myself), and had established myself as the mean-looking but otherwise very polite and respectful neighbor. Yes I would spend many Saturdays in a cutoff shirt, downing beer and slow-smoking ribs in the middle of the carport area while George Strait songs played and my friends hung out...but I was also the guy who would help you unload your groceries, who would jump start your car, or who you could give your housekey to and ask to feed your cats when you went out of town for the weekend to visit your grandkids.

Point is, it is all about context. I bet a lot of the folks grilling up something tasty in their front yard would be willing to share their beer and B.S. with you about the best way to cook a tender brisket if you happened to walk by...regardless of the presence of cars on cinder blocks.

Also: SmittyJonz, your posts on this thread filled me with such Texan pride that it made me want to sing Deep in the Heart of Texas whilst chugging a tallboy Lone Star. Well done, sir, well done.
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