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Originally Posted by Jason TQ View Post
I'm guessing you don't see how you called yourself out with these 2 very different sentences, lol. Would have been better to just man up and say what you really wanted that first post.

But yes, so innocent and curious
I said I was done, but I have to correct something. You should take a logic course. Your analysis of my statement is either an innocent distortion or outright deception.

Given all that I said on this topic, it should be very obvious, using only basic reading comprehension, that I don’t like the idea of grilling, barbecuing and lounging in front of my house. Proof is that I admitted learning about this practice years ago via internet media and if I liked or even understood the reasoning behind the idea, I would have done it myself. I also told you that even if I did it, my neighbors would complain. Being a neighbor to someone else in my neighborhood, it then follows that I would not like to see people grilling and lounging in a hammock in their front yard. I think it takes away from the aesthetics of the neighborhood and makes it more like a perpetual street festival. So it should come as no surprise that I wouldn’t want to see this in my neighborhood. Your comment says more about you and your own self-image to imply that my not liking this activity amounts to looking down on others.

Having said that, I simply did not and still do not understand, in most cases, why anyone would preferentially choose to grill, barbecue and lounge around in public. I have never seen it in person and would still hope nobody in my neighborhood takes it up.

Happy grilling and barbecuing.
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