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Originally Posted by gettinbasted View Post
I couldn’t disagree more about the review sentiments expressed so far. Love them or hate them, they are part of the reality of running a business and that influence will only continue to grow.

I own 3 restaurants and I read the major review sites for each of them every single morning. I also do a general google search at least once a week.


I think in your position you must take them seriously. I would , if I were you. I'd do exactly what you're doing.

But from a consumer standpoint, there's little value in on-line reviews. Every review I read may be honest and sincere, but I have no way of making that evaluation.

If I got time to kill, I might read a few.

Same goes for reviews at Amazon. And I even found a site that will judge the reliability of reviews for me, but I don't use it.
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