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Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
Great thread!

Chad is gonna kill me, but here goes!
Our very first FBA comp at Mulberry in 2004.
We were expecting to win it all!

I am especially proud of those ribs.

And, if I remember correctly, we were 13th of 31 teams with these entries.

We have learned a lot since then.

All joking aside, the ONLY comp experience that we had was one event where Dave went to NY and cooked with Phil in the real early days of the BBQ Brethren comp teams.
That is why we now recommend "mentoring", "classes", "judging", and any exposure that a team can get before laying it on the line!!!!

Like I said---great thread!!!


OMG,, I Laughed so Hard at those Ribs I Kinda Puked alittle in my mouth,, Not sure if it was the laughing or the "RIBS"
This is Great!!!! Thanks
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