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Originally Posted by Pickin' Porkers View Post
After 14 years of competing and judging, I have chime in on this excellent thread.

The KCBS DOES need to give the CEO the ultimate power and quit meeting once a month passing rules that offer nothing.

Cook teams need to STOP expecting 9's on every entry they make. The judges are well versed on excellent BBQ and really do not need retraining. I am sick of whining teams bitching about the judges because they do not agree with their scoring. Yep, I judge too and 5 contests shy of being a Master Judge but more importantly, we cook more than we judge. Learn to cook a better product and quit bellyaching. AND, ask yourselves why certain teams consistently place near the top in each category. THAT alone should tell you to cook a better product.

IF the BOD really wants a plan of action to set themselves apart from other organizations....start working with local health departments in an effort to end restrictions of pit smoking REAL BBQ, the way it began and should continue. While at it, get them to loosen rules about feeding the public when they attend a cook-off. People get pissed when they come with expectations of tasting competition Q.

I expect to be bombarded of why I am wrong, especially from the whiners who beat down the judging....let it begin.....I will enjoy reading but will not respond.....too many other things to do like.....clean out my smoker.
Stop procrastinating. Get cleaning.

I could not resist lol. Carry on.
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