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Originally Posted by LongTong View Post
California GrillBillie complaining about judging when past competition results were far less than spectacular. I can understand the frustration of not placing very high but to say judges are not professional is a slap to the face of the many judges who take their job very seriously. I wouldn't even consider cooking a contest without taking a judging class and judging several contests to see what is going on. So, slapping back:

Let's have a look at this summer's KCBS contest past results:

June 22, 2019 Silicon Valley BBQ Championship
34 out of 46

August 17th, 2019 Lassen BBQ
15 out of 25

Averaging in the 67th percentile...
Slow down my friend......this year I have been out there to vend food and make money and I did at both. Ask people what I did in Santa Clara...I started all of my comp trimming/prep at 5AM on Saturday....with a Cash & Carry brisket. I have SRF golds in my freezer but I left them at home. I sacrificed the competition to sell food to the public....and I'll do it again. Did you forget my 8th place outta 34 in North Bend? That is top 25 percentile but I guess that doesn't fit in with your argument. I think I made the most money at that event vending while not trying very hard on the comp side. Before this year, I have roughly 30 KCBS events under my belt with 3 RGCs, 6 top fives and 16 top 10 finishes. I'm okay with that. I am a judge (since 2013) and have judged in this area. I'm not saying judges don't put in their best effort and I don't have anything bad to say about most judges. They are just not professional judges. You have no standards to be held accountable to. You can give any entry any score you want and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Sure, you may get asked about it but you can't change the score. My very first KCBS contest was a Sams Club event. In ribs, there was one judge who thought the meat was not cooked all the way. They told the Reps they would not take a bite of it. It was 6 bones from one single rack of ribs. They could not force them to even take a bite of it and they ended up giving it 2s for taste and tenderness. You see my point! It that typical? No but it happens. You call that professional judging?

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