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My UDS is essentially done!

I did end up cutting the rim off the kettle because the used one I bought was really old and not worth cooking on. The lid fits perfectly on it, but there are some pretty big gaps between the rim of the kettle and the rim of the drum so I will seal those with high temp silicone.

I have one ball valve intake (1/2 inch) and three 1/2 pipe nipple intakes with caps. I have the OldBob style charcoal basket and ash pan. Two cooking grates and a weber lid.

I haven't painted the drum and probably won't... It still has "Line-X" on it and looks quite hillbilly, so I doubt anyone will steal it off my deck. :-)

The maiden voyage will be next Saturday - 3 picnics and 2 racks of spares. Can't wait.

Are you guys SURE that 3-4 chucks of hickory will be enough smoke over the whole cook to get a great smoke ring?

Thanks for all the help.. going to take some pics now.


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