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Default Will a Weber Smoker Lid fit on a Kettle???

Hey Gents,

Long time lurker here. You guys are all awesome and seem to know your stuff and come here often for tips and tricks and I need some input that may seem like common sense:

Due to a move and a few strange circumstances, I have gotten rid of my 18" WSM and am currently in possession of a 22" weber kettle and a brand new lid with hardware for an 18" wsm.

I have been tossing around buying a cajun bandit/stacker type apparatus for my kettle, but an opportunity for a fairly new 18" kettle has came my way. So i thought about downgrading my 22" to an 18", buying an 18" stacker and using my surplus smoker lid.

Are you still following me here? haha. I know it may seem obvious, but I was hoping one of you could tell me that a WSM lid would fit on the corresponding size kettle bowl. All my endless internet searches have never shown this configuration, so any insight would be helpful.

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