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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I would do the pickle a little different. Salt the cucumber with 2 tablespoons of salt, mix thoroughly and let sit for 15 minutes. Then wash and drain. Add the pickling ingredients. The texture will be better.

I would consider the Katsu burger we discussed at lunch, but, I would also consider a pork burger, but, season the pork maybe a pound, with finely minced garlic (2 cloves), grated ginger (1/4 teaspoon), minced water chestnuts (2 tablespoons or so), and a dash of sesame oil and soy sauce. Lightly blend it, grill or smoke. Some binder in the form of wet bread or bread crumbs will be a good thing.

If I was going to do the chicken burger, I would grind it, with some salt, white pepper, a little grated apple, and a splash of Tonkatsu sauce, mix, smoke then deep fry in Panko. I bet this can be done.
I had the same thought on salting the cukes before hand.

My personal school of thought is if binders, like bread crumbs it passes into the meatloaf category instead of a burger.

I like the flavors you are using. And the pork idea is great!

Originally Posted by Hawg Father of Seoul View Post
That is a LOT of sesame oil.
I was thinking the same thing. So much so that I checked the recipe three times last night and again this morning.

It must be that it is a quick pickling process so maybe it doesn's absorb all the flavor.

Landarc and HFofS what do you think of just adding a couple of drops of sesame oil to the pickles and a little to the pork for the burger as Landarc suggests?

Whatever we decide in this thread is going to become a real burger on my website...

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