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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I do espresso because I'm the only one in this house that ever drinks coffee. It's so easy to make coffee for one, especially when that person only wants one or two cups when it's espresso. I had a 4 cup Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker, but put it away (I think I sold it), because...well...I don't remember why, but I remember deciding that if I was going to make coffee for just me it was best to just use the espresso machine and toss the drip brewer.

For just casually drinking coffee, I prefer brewed...crazy, I know.

I'm a great candidate for the Keurig...but I'm not into units you can't get inside and clean easily...I like cleaning everything...I taste the difference...I think some people learn to like the off tastes by using dirty stuff. I had a boss one time who insisted the coffee pot never get cleaned out, and actually had someone fired once after they cleaned out the pot. That coffee was swill.
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