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somebody shut me the fark up.
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When I was younger and single, I was a coffee snob Getting older, fatter, exercising less, and monitoring my blood is one of the things I cut WAY back on.

I still enjoy a GOOD cup now and then, and Ron has hooked me up. I got one bag as a gift when he was in town, and it did not disappoint when I had a cup or two. At the Royal I gladly paid for two more bags for my wife to take to her office knowing the quality would be there.

I know enough about coffee to know when the beans are roasted properly. I also know from personal experience that Ron puts together a nice blend. After looking at the cost of beans, this is a bargain!

You aren't buying from a large store that may have overestimated demand for a particular bean or blend. You are buying from an artisan that has a passion and has the knowledge to turn out a quality product.

If you really want to try quality coffee, this is the way to go. Forget Starbuck's and the swill they serve.
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