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Originally Posted by R2Egg2Q View Post
The Egghead Forum today is a largely different crowd than it was several months ago. Back in August 2011 BGE corporate took over running the Egghead Forum site and installed the Vanilla forum look that is there today. It was a pretty rough transition and the folks that ran the old forum took the old format over to I would say the majority of the long time posters went with them to

I'd say the majority of those posting on the Egghead Forum now haven't been there that long and they seem to be more flexible than a lot of the folks who left. Of course there are some folks there still that enjoy stirring the pot just to because they like to but there are folks like that on any forum.

If you posted this on I think you'd get a worse reaction. There's a lot more diehard Eggers there (and a lot more members in general) so the sheer numbers alone would lead to more negative reactions.

Before I get too far off topic, nice job on the vids JM!
Ahhh.. no wonder... Well I remember those die hards knew how to cook and were a tight bunch, but I personally found the condescending attitude too much. Then I found this forum and the keg forum and all was better.
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