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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
well a bit of caution... the exercise is to give a similar starting point on Brisket Texture that anyone can duplicate then have a common texture to shoot for. Its like brisket's best case scenario. The zenith of texture, flavor penetration and moisture sans bbq smoking.

I liken it to how I was able to get a great chicken product skin texture by practicing i the oven over and over. then once a temp was settled just do it in the smoker.
I am guilty of trying to do good Q by using temp probes and calculated cooking times according to "recommended" time and temp schedules.
There are a couple of older ladies on our local comp circuit that don't own a temp gage or meat thermometer...they know their pits and their meats. They consistently get calls...amazing.

The one thing that I am learning (slowly but surely with the help of "old schoolers" like yourself) is that cooking good Q is more art than science.

Thanks for the lesson "Professor Funk"...
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