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OK, I read through the nine page thread at
and these are the general tips on high temp briskets smokes on the WSM:

1)When foiling the water pan, keep some space between the pan and the foil, this will help keep the drippings from burning.

2)Don't assemble the smoker right away, let the charcoal get some air and get ignited.

3)Lets temps rise to 325, may have to prop access door. Hold at smoker 325 until brisket temp of 160.

4)Foil at 160 and let smoker temps rise to 350 to 375 until brisket is done.

5)Total cook time is about 4-5 hours.

I like kickass's idea of pulling the foil at some point to let the bark crisp up some, so I will probably try that. Going to swing by walmart superstore tonight and hopefully they will have a packer and I can give this a try this weekend.
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