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Originally Posted by BigBellyBBQ View Post
NO! reheat in hot au-jui simple!!!!!!! Use minors and make a nice hot steamy bath, you take the nice sliced RARE roast beef and drag it through!! It does not get any simpler..Even if you took a roast out of the cooker and by the time you sliced and served you would still need to dip in hot concentrate...For parties, vending or even at home...I am in the the heart of beef on weck country (along with chicken wings and friday fish fry) and this is how to do it!!!
It is fast, EASY and TASTY TOO!!!!here is the steps:
1) grab a sliced kummelweck roll
2)use tongs, and grab a wad of sliced ,rare beef
3)Drag, dip or soak in the hot juice
4)place on roll, horse radish, slice of oinion, jalepeno, maybe some mayo or other sauce
5)ENJOY!!!!nice, hot and med rare or nicen pink!!!!
just like riding a bike, hop on it and go...simple..quick and GREAT!
I love beef on weck and pit beef. I have used a similar method at home to reheat prime rib for sandwiches, and it still turned the outside gray. I will try again with a lower initial cook on the beef.

The clean pink like this is what I am going for:
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