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Default American Legion kitchen

A couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend that is on the board for our local American Legion (wasn't a member at the time) Starting asking a few questions about their kitchen and dining room. He said that they just renewed their license with the health dept, but no one was using the kitchen, so I inquired with him about using it to open up to the members and use it for our catering business, He loved the idea of having someone in their using it, Had a board meeting, and staring Jan. 15th Tiny's Bar-b-que will be opening up to the members and guest of the Beech Creek, PA American Legion. Only cost we have for using the facility is to cover the increase in their electric, and the propane we use, which they have a seperate propane tank for the kitchen. We're really excited to get started, Have worked out a pretty good menu. I know allot of folks here have been looking for a commercial space to do some cooking out of, take a look at your local social clubs as more than likely they have a commercial kitchen and might not have anyone using it.. So 2010 is starting off good for us. Hoping it all goes well..
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