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Default First time corned beef and pastrami!

Hi all.

I did a 5 day pickle (2 cups salt/gallon, 1tbsp pink salt, spices). For the corned beef I rinsed it well and simmered until tender with an onion, carrot and celery. It was great tasting and was fall apart tender. Wow!

The pastrami was the same 5day soaking but went with a 12 hour fresh water salt removing soak with about 4 changes. I put a pepper, coriander and garlic rub on it and took it in my UDS to about 165 degrees. I then steam finished it to 170 degrees in my oven raised in a foil pan with water in the bottom.

The pastrami was cut thinly across the grain at an angle. My question is this. I think it was a bit rubbery in the chew. How can I prevent that and make it better?

Thanks so much in advance to all the experts (like Thirdeye, Norcoredneck, and BigMista and all the others)!

My next batch soaking is a weaker pickle (1cup salt/gallon, 1tbsp pink salt) which Alton Brown says is a 10day cure. Do y'all concur?

All the best! I am very happy with the taste and the corned beef texture.

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