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Default I'm getting a "campfire" tasting smoke.

I used my new (seasoned) Amazing Pellet Tube Smoker (AMNTS), filled it half full with maple pellets, lit it, let it burn for awhile, put it in the bottom of my Traeger with the Traeger fan (no pellets or heat) on and the clean drip pan over the AMNTS. I smoked salt, cheddar cheese and peeled hard boiled eggs for two hours and 15 mins on a rack. I made sure there was not any moisture on the eggs and cheese. The outdoor temp was 45 degrees, inside Traeger was 50-56 degrees. All of the food tastes like campfire. The color of smoke coming from the AMNTS was always white, never blue. What am I doing wrong???? I did vacuum seal the cheese and let it set for over a week and it actually isn't that bad after I cut off the outside of the cheese block, but it still has a slightly acrid taste. I want a smoooooth tasting smoke that also smells good, not campfire. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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