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Default REHEATING & HOLDING for briskets in a restaurant

Hi All

General enquiry here about reheating and holding for restaurant service.

Just about to open a unit in London, UK

We cant have the smoker on site so were pre smoking off site not far away a day ahead and having staff run service for us in the unit.

Briskets will be smoked and vac-packed the day before and reheated before service.

Could anyone advise on the best process for this... Service times will be from 12pm-10pm.

I have seen the thread on Alto Shaam and Winston Cvap. Alto shaam seems to be easier to get hold of in the uk. Havent seen many Cvaps in circulation.

Can the Alto Shaam reheat from cold in the vac pac bags and then hold for 10 hours without any loss of quality?

If we take a vac packed brisket out the alto and slice it, can we wrap in peach paper and then put back in the Alto without any loss of quality?

Sous vide could be an option but once the bags cut open it would still need to be put back in a holding oven.

We do also run the risk of wastage as were smoking, chilling and reheating again so any left overs at 10pm were still trying to get our head round what we do with that?

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