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Originally Posted by gtsum View Post
Zero risk??? Do you not have a career now that you would be giving up to try this?

I think everyone’s financial situation is totally different...Someone might need to smoke and sell 50k or 75k in goods to survive...others might need to do 300k plus.....guess it depends on what your goals and current situation is. Good luck my man

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Zero risk is a reach- I guess minimal risk given my current life situation. I'm debt free and house is paid off, wife no kids and she works. I wouldn't be taking out a loan. I'd be giving up future 401k matching/vacation pay. Wrong to say zero risk as there is no such thing in job switching. But I am confident if things fell through I'd land on my feet.

I'm not trying to get rich. I live pretty modestly and quite honestly I'd be thrilled if I could make 50k in a year to start off (I think even that is a lofty expectation to start).

I just brought it to the forum as I have never seen a business model like this. There has got to be a butcher/bbq place somewhere???

One of the biggest ways to fail in food service is high waste and this butcher has little to none. He's making all kinds of sausage, I could sell those at $8 a pop and they'd fly out the door. I've been in and around the Buffalo food scene for a while. People are paying a premium for locally raised meat. Farmers are becoming more transparent and the quality is really amazing. Whole animal butchery, custom cutting with onsite smoker. Space to run small resto or use as commercial kitchen. Space outside to host events and parking lot available to rent. I have my reservations for sure but the way I see it there are a bunch of options to generate revenue.
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