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Default Thoughts on potential business model

ok guys let me preface this with a little backstory.

local butcher- first person in my city doing local whole animal butchery. He's very talented, classic french style butchery with no waste. Opened a year ago just 1 day a week featuring local farms. We became friends as I gave him a ton of business and promoted his place on social media. He in turn is always giving me cuts to bbq that I would otherwise not have such easy access to, and at discounted prices.

Now his business took off and he's open 4 days a week, and looking to expand to a bigger spot. This is where I come in. He doesn't have a smoker which would really help his business- he makes bacon, sausage but with a smoker he could do hocks, hams etc. At any rate he wants to bring me on board. The place he is looking at has a big yard that would be great for events. He would already have the permits in place to vend, I'd have a kitchen to work out of which I could grow into offsite catering business. He is having an argentinian grill built for events, and there is a huge parking lot next door available. I think he wants me to rent the lot ($600 a month) as my part of the expansion.
Realistically there is NOWHERE I could go, get the access to kitchen space and all permits in place for such a small amount of $$$$. Basically he's thinking about me coming on board and working the smoking side of things with the ability to do popups, events, etc. He has already given me the green light to vend at his location free of charge, but I really think this business model could work. Am I crazy for thinking about going full time bbq?
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