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Originally Posted by PorkQPine View Post
It is not safe to seal meat that is over 40 deg. It is also not approved by the HD to vacuum seal without using a commercial approved sealer. Bignburleyman has it correct if you want to seal, cool down the meat fast in ice bath then seal if you are doing it. Stuff does grow in vacuumed meat, check the internet for a lot of discussions of the issues you need to watch out for.
Originally Posted by Trucky1008 View Post
Just curious, what information do you have to support this statement? I've seen other people mention the same thing but I've never seem any documentation or facts to support it. I'm not at all doubting what you say, I just want to know why it is not safe.

I've been vacuum sealing fresh pulled butts and sliced briskets for several years and never had any problems. I always immediately submerge the bags in ice water to quickly cool it down.

Thanks for any info you can provide.
I wondered the same thing. If the meat is cooled down within the recommended time frame does it matter if it was in a sealed bag or an open pan? And if you use a foil pan with a lid is that still acceptable? I know a lot depends on what the health department rules are but is there that much difference?
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