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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Thanks Guys! You're right, so.................
She was born Ugly, she's gonna stay Ugly!

vr6Cop, I LMAO!

Desert Dweller, you're right, I almost did.

HARRYSTOWN, You ought to see what my grandkids refer to as GrandPa's Old Red Farm Truck!

Sizzlepig, Is that lid an old parabolic dish antenna? A couple a beers will fix the handles looking uneven. LOL

1FUNVET, Thanks. I'm almost afraid to ask, but, 1FUN as in Corvette or maybe Veteran?

Phubar, Yep, no arguments from me. Sure like the work you've done on yours, they look great!

peaspurple, Thanks, unique screen name you got there!

STUMPY!, Thanks for the kind comment!

Meat Burner, Thank You! But if I ever catch your dog around my smoker....... Thanks for your many helpful posts.

Norcoredneck, Your tutorial got into this. I'm havin' a blast, Thank You!

Only one more thing I'm going to do to this Ugly Drum Smoker, the same thing I do with my rifles. She's gotta have a name so I can tell her apart from the other ones that are bound to show up.

Any ideas?
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