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Originally Posted by gettinbasted View Post
I blame Travis Clark. I think he single handedly ruined competition chicken by teaching the entire known universe how to cook it.
A fair assignment of blame! Haha.

That Mankato comp also has an odd history of scoring. It's not uncommon for the greatest of teams to make top 5 one of the days and middle pack the other. Seems like scores are usually higher on day 2 also. Plus, with the new judge seating system it's pretty evident that scores will continue to be razor thin. Which table you land on (and who else is on it) will certainly have a big impact on whether your score falls within that 3 point range of 1st-10th. We can't afford to give up a single point - which is why I have to spend so much damn time making sure every piece of chicken is the exact same shape and size and placed in the pan oh-so-perfectly so as not to take on an odd shape during the cook. There's your homogenized bbq.
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