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Originally Posted by PnkPanther View Post
My next addition will be whitewater drum and weber 26. The board here is hooked on hunsaker, whitewater are made in MN and I like supporting MN business......

FYI my good one did fine into 20s, colder than that I cooked indoors. Drums also seem do well, you'll however go through bit more charcoal

But great advice on here about insulated cabinet, they gave me same and I ignored them.
I looked up Hunsaker (Missouri) and Whitewater (Ohio) and neither says it's made in MN. Did I misunderstand?

Your feedback in this post is very timely.....I'm honestly so overwhelmed by the options I was beginning to think about calling it off and buying a 26" Weber and just tricking the thing out. And waiting three years until I am done with school to buy a nicer rig, and take it with me when I move on. Of all the things I've ever smoked on, my 22" Weber has been the most reliable and the thing I've figured out best. I just hate the capacity.
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