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Originally Posted by Rusty Kettle View Post
None of the ones I mentioned are gravity fed. The 270 smoker is convection/reverse flow. Not a gravity fed smoker. They hang their hat on not needing a temp controller. Big reason I bought mine is no electronics.

1500 can go pretty far with Backwoods. The G2 Chubby is a good option. I like the Chubby 3400 at 799.00 including shipping. Check them out.

Now being that you have kids like me. I got a 2 year old and 4 year old. Consider warm up time on cabinets about an hour. 45 mins to hit temp and 15 mins to settle in and have a solid fire once temp hits. Pellet grills 10 mins. Cabinets only work when you have a day off. Pellet grills all week. Flavor is better on a cabinet imo but a pellet grill gets more cook time.

Do you have time for warm up and getting up early morning to build a fire? Not hard but time consuming. Hurry when you build a fire and it won't be stable. I plan a minimum 1 hour. Build fire, season and inject your meat. Let the smoker settle into temp. Put meat on and you might have to make adjustments for fine tuning over an hour. Once thats done it will run solid all day long.

Agree with the comments on differences in startup time. Once things are at temp and the smoke has cleared an insulated cabinet or ceramic is pretty much hands off even in very cold weather. There is a meaningful difference in the time to get there. You need to be paying attention a bit during that hour too so you can dial in the temp. In the pellet you donít even need to wait for it to preheat if you donít want to. Less time cleaning things out from the prior cook as well. Only open up my Rectec every half dozen cooks or so.

The charcoal solutions arenít massive amounts of work but the pellets are so easy you will probably use it a bit more given your time commitments.

If you go that route, do some research on the options. Lots of players out there now at very different price points. Given the relatively limited volume you are looking for you could try one out for a lot less than your budget and see how it works for you.
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