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Default Coveting my neighbor's Bandera and Newbie Questions

No, I am not eyeing my neighbor's wife (not that I would admit it any way,) but he does have a NB Bandera parked on the side of his house and never uses it....and I HAVE been eyeballing that!

I have never smoked anything in my life, but I am a reasonably experienced professional cook and have been wanting to play around with smoking. I am determined to start doing it, so I talked to him and made him a deal...he lends me the smoker and I will give him slices of whatever I smoke as I learn.

I have read the Bandera 101 mod document and will make the necessary mods to his smoker. I am going to fire up my first brisket on Sunday.

I can handle the rub recipe ok on my own......any other suggestions?

For a simple first time attempt, what are your recommendations for wood variety? How much wood should I buy?

Feel free to point me to a "sticky" or other basic posts about this, I am pretty sure these questions have been asked a million times.
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