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God bless you all. Kapn... its funny, in all actuality this is a cut and paste of what I did as Barbefunk just before Popdaddy died. I was realizing I had good ideas and had already establish a reputation for being useful but also that came with the reputation of other things - which - in all actuality, Popdaddy made me do in order to establish the reputation. I, of course decided to shed Popdaddy (once he was dead it was easy) - re-release everything in the new Pitmaster format. This thred, not this one but the one from which this is cut and pasted, was when I relaized what I needed to do. Kill off what one poster called, the evil side from behind the Kurtain of Funk.

I am so glad this is useful. So much can be learned by having access to all these brisket threads.
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