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Brothers, long time no see. I have been unemployed for the past three months but I know God will provide. Matter of fact my old job just called me back for an interview----and I did not even apply to them. So keep me in your prayers.

Here is my problem. I bought one of those Brinkman offset cookers from Wally World recently. I seasoned it and the whole nine. The problem I have is that the thing just will not get hot enough. I built a fire in the fire box and all, but the meat in the main cooking chamber did not do too well. The only pieces (had a brisket and some chicken breasts) that got done were the pieces that were next to the hole that connect the firebox with the cooking chamber. I am using Kingsford coals doing the "Minion" method. Should I use more wood instead (I have a HUGE pile of oak in the back yard). Or more coal? I would appreciate any assistance you can give me. I am in Fayetteville NC if anyone is close by. Thanks.
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