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Originally Posted by 1MoreFord View Post

Paris, Arkansas. Don't remember any Que there however.

My ole friend's devil woman ex-wife has a store there that I've never been into and there are a couple of interesting rock/concrete homes there that look like they were built by the same guy who built the North Little Rock Old Mill, along with an old abandoned hospital that was featured on American Pickers owned by some physician brothers who are said to have started the first health insurance in the US.

A bit to the North on I-40 is Altus there are several wineries and a nice restaurant at one of the wineries.
My father was born in that hospital. I had many great holidays in Paris, thanks to the most awesome Grandma ever. My Grandpa was a coal miner there. There is a coal miner's memorial there with my Grampa Stanley and Great Uncle Frank's names on it. Frank died of a broken back from a cave-in in the mines, and Stanley died from black lung. It's Old Country.
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