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Originally Posted by djc227 View Post
Here's a pic of the twins I built as Christmas presents for my brothers. You can put the bucket charcoal basket on a grate on the third level of bolts and it makes an awesome VERY HOT charcoal grill using the top rack. I built my first one with 3/4 pipe risers and ball valves, but had to add 3 nipples in the back to get enough airflow to cook over 250. This design should have more air intake and is much easier to build. When I get time I think I'm going to make a parts list and step by step plans on how to build this (as long as the test run goes as planned). I searched for hours before the first build and could never find a set of plans! Total cost was $146 due to finding free sacrificial kettles on craigslist. If you had to buy the weber lid new the cost would be $210.
I used the Kamado style door on my stainless drum as well. I agree, much easier to install, and basically the same price if you're springing for 2 brass ball valves and the other black pipe needed.
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