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Got rid of the matchlight.
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I can understand the original posters unhappiness. but give the principals of the company a chance to get back and address the issue before going online and flaming them. Was there an original purchase order that may have indicated the door being located on the back? Could that have been missed by the buyer?
I realize that $4,000 is a lot of money, but I would imagine that the Pitmaker guys have stepped away to enjoy themselves (why shouldn't they) and will get back to business after one of their biggest weekends of the year. It is a smoker for christ's sake, not a replacement heart. Sometimes people need to step back and take a breath, take the high road before pushing the nuke button. Maybe the poster works 365, 24/7 and doesn't think people are entitled to enjoy their lives. I always believe that there are two sides to a story and we have only heard one. Those that say the customer is always right, are wrong. The customer is usually right, and can absolutely be wrong. "The customer always being right" went out the door when people stopped being understanding, courteous, and respectful. If more people would give that a try they might see that they end up happier as a customer.
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