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When I first got my Humphrey's Down East Beast (larger version of the pint) I had a minor issue with coming to temperature, but it would only take about 60 minutes. I switched to lump and I had no problems.

I also found that in the extreme cold of winter; Start the fire in the firebox (with door open as suggested by Sir Porkalot) and add hot water to the water pan to help things move along.

Lastly I don't rely on the thermometer it came with. Although it is a good dial thermometer, I don't feel the stem is long enough (but that's my opinion). Instead, I use a digital thermometer with a probe further into the cooking chamber.

As others have said, I do know of others who warm the cooking chamber with a weed burner torch. That's a lot of metal in the cooking chamber to try and heat up in cold winter weather.

As far as recovery time, Ebijack is correct, when put a load of meat in, it will appear as if there is a long recovery time, bottom line is that the meat is absorbing the heat (heat is exchanged quicker) until the meat comes to temperature. If you are concerned about the drop in temperature drop from meat, maybe invest in a PID like the BBQ Guru Digi-Q DX-II. I purchased one just for peace of mind on long overnight cooks.

Remember; if the door is open, you're looking not cooking
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