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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
There are some In-n-Out burger places in that area.

Double-Double Animal Style with Animal Fries
Agreed. I only will go to Whatamihearforburger to get the jalapeno cheddar biscuit with breakfast. I can't find anything about the burgers that is any better than Wendys.

I tried Pecan Lodge today. At least the mac and cheese was good. The brisket had a great flavor, but the amount of fat was mind blowing. And it wasn't even 'melt in your mouth' fat. It was 'I'm going to be hard and make it impossible to tear this slice' I did love the rub on it, though. Same with the pork ribs, rub was nice, but I've never had less meat on 3 ribs in my entire life. Add in the parking headache, and I shoulda grabbed In-N-Out by the hotel (I prefer my fries well done, and I skip the animal from those if I get it on the burger)
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