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Originally Posted by egorham View Post
For me the top 3 things I want to see in the coming months are:

1) The BOD to cede control of the organization to the CEO. If the BOD feels they hired the right person for the job then let her implement her vision for the organization and support her in this effort. I can't think of any successful companies where the vision for the organization came from the board of directors and not the CEO. The quote "nobody has every built a statue for a committee" comes to mind, a BOD is just a glorified committee.

2) Figure out why KCBS is loosing contest and come up with a way to reverse this trend. I think they need to find a better financial model for promoters but that is just my opinion. The CEO needs to look at the problem, talk to all the constituents then find and implement a solution.

3) Figure out why KCBS is has fewer competition teams and do something to fix it. I think there are a lot of reasons for this but mostly it is the inability to attract new teams to fill in the spots of a normal churn but, once again, this is something the CEO needs to look into and get moving in the opposite direction.

Good stuff here and probably no easy or quick solutions to any of it. I agree, if you have brought in a leader...let them lead. One path might be to figure out why teams are leaving and contests are folding. Another might be to be fully future-focused and figure out what will attract new teams and new contests. What are key incentives that will push contests to start and/or keep going? What if they received greater incentives the longer they continue? Do teams want more money or more prestige? Let's dream big...."The Food Network presents the KCBS Team of Year Challenge"?!?!?!?!?
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