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Originally Posted by jemezspring View Post
Saw this yesterday and had all the ingredients so I mixed up a half sized batch for some leg quarters for dinner. My setup was 22" weber one touch with 1 chimney full of fully lit kbb banked to the side. Cooked indirect with vents fully open for 1 hour 20mins. Longer than I thought but thats when they were done.
Verdict- very good. More like a seasoning salt to me which was perfect. It's an excellent base to add your own personal touches to. I'm going to mix up another batch then divide that up and try to customize. Maybe celery seed, clove, allspice, chipotle or some herbs. Give it a try you most likely already have all the ingredients in the cabinet.
The allspice and chipotle sounds VERY interesting, might add cumin.
funny I never thought of tinkering with it until you mentioned it.
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