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Not at all surprised by the results. I have used all four and currently own an RF and a Kamado and agree almost completely. Stick burners simply produce better tasting bbq, but require the most work.

The one thing I don’t agree with is most of the differences he talked about between the traditional and RF offset are due to the different size stacks on those two smokers. Switch the stacks and the RF would flow more air and (if run wide open) burn more fuel. An RF and traditional with the same size inlets and stacks will have pretty much identical flow rates and efficiency. The RF may be more even end to end but skilled use of tuning plates could match or even beat an RF in even temps, especially if the guy running the RF is less familiar with it. In other words, pit master skill is a bigger differentiator than the offset pit style.

Also, he left out the WSM and drum smokers which are pretty darn common. I would expect one used with a drip tray/water pan that keeps the fat from burning to marginally beat the Kamado due to more airflow and ability to burn more wood chunks, but one where the fat burns and smokes would be last in flavor.
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