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Originally Posted by drbbq View Post
Actually I think the loin is destined for those markets so it's cut that way and the collar and just about everything else is sort of a by-product. Maybe the hams have some value there as well.

I believe their Wagyu briskets are a similar story. I cooked in Seattle 6-7 years ago with Chris Lilly and we were given briskets and a couple of huge untrimmed shoulders from SRF. I don't believe they had much of a market for those cuts at that time so I'd say they love us now for paying big bucks for it.
All I ever hear about on the forums is Snake River Farms for Wagyu and Kurobuta. I've never been able to get it locally, so I've never cooked it. I was at a comp a few years back and Jim Minion introduced the group to some SRF reps that were promoting a grilling contest.

I kinda nosed around on some other sites and couldn't find any Collars. I did see SRF Kurobuta Hams in a couple markets over the holidays.

Mishima Ranch, Kobe Beef America and Premium Proteins have to be just as good as $RF without the brand name recognition.
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