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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
ok boss...

Sorry, but thew old addage "its the COOK not the COOKER" floats both ways.

Stick burners dont dry out briskets. I got 6 top 3 calls in the last 8 contests(not including my DQ for being late). Some were cooked in my BYC, others in WSMs.

Tell us how u cookem, do u foil? what temp, or feel do u pull them? Whatcha doing?

You are right - its the cook not the cooker. I am not at all saying that a stick burner will dry out a brisket. Any cook is capable of that. The method that I learned at a class, did not yield the same result on my Klose vs BWS. The only variable being the type of cooker.

All the other ingredients were the same, EXCEPT I did cook fat side up and dried that puppy out. The results were much better cooking fat side down this weekend. Didn't follow the class recipe to the letter, but cooked to 165, wrapped, back on till 188, rested 2 hours, sliced, and served. Never flipped it.

Still looking for the WOW factor, and will continue to play with some variables. The texture/tenderness was much better than what we have cooked in the past. Most likely will do the class recipe for comp - it has so many wins for "The Professor."
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