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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I have two drums and two Eggs, they each have a place. The Eggs are good smokers, but they excel at grilling, and they laugh at cold weather. I've done all-night cooks at -20F with no problems. The drums on the other hand are great smokers any give you the opportunity to hang many cuts of meat which expand their capacity beyond using a grate, like 8 or 9 racks of ribs.

Like the others said, no problems with not wrapping pork UNLESS it's getting too dark for you or you need to speed the cook along. I do wrap before resting in my hot box and add a cup of apple or white grape juice to the foil. This gets mixed into the pulled or chopped meat. And by the way, chopped pork is highly underrated.... it's pretty good. I heard a story years ago that chopped pork was popular in the early days at pig roasts because a lot of the older country folks had bad teeth, and having some chopped meat allowed them to enjoy the pig pickin' better.

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